7 reasons why crowdfunding for a photographer is important!

Who would have thought that I, too, once such a “Headline” write. 7 reasons for … Until now, I always thought that this is more the filler to blog posts and content. Well. I’m trying to prove themselves and grade me all readers that this need not be so always.

Well … With the following seven reasons I want to show that it is worthwhile for every creative professionals, artists, filmmakers, and especially for photographers, a more intensive discussion to deal with the topic “crowdfunding” and this theme even fix the own marketing plan is to plan and involve a.

Crowdfunding is not just a risk, a small project or even collect “alms”. No! Crowdfunding can bring the artist far to implement its desired projects. Say you let the now pass on the tongue:

The make, what your dreams. Implement own projects!

Sounds cool, right? If that would now be interested, or know more to now follows this “Post” series or read at least seven out my reasons for crowdfunding, eh !? Here we go….


Search / best friends forever

Who one is dealing with the issue of crowdfunding, has “almost” forced contact with other “Crowdfundern” and “creative” people. One exchanges experiences, discuss practices, exchanges ideas. While this takes time, but gives much back to know how and new enriching contacts. The crowdfunding community is very communicative.


Critical analysis of the own project

The lively exchange with experienced crowdfunding sets you up deliberately with his own ideas apart. One thinks through its own projects and gets direct feedback. It will thus be better and reach a whole new “draft”. Thus, you will be even better, and the project does not harm also. It may arise entirely new synergies, collaborations and partnerships. The project receives a positive form, thanks to the exchange with other people.


Strict planning – thanks to the project stakeholders and supporters

Through contact with other Crowdfundern one is somewhat forced to get his own project in regulated railways. That may sound for one or the other a little strange and comical. But is a great help, since most creative people are not just Superman when it comes to schedules, timelines and commitments. Thanks to that that many people and Mitinteressierte follow and support the project the whole thing gets even a regulated framework. One does not simply pushes Tasks months ahead of it … what one or another creative person yes but then just makes ..


Receive constructive criticism

The lively exchange with people from the crowd brings the great advantage that one is exposed’s constructive criticism. This should be used positively. Because there are some who were already collecting successful experiences with the topic. And why make the same mistake twice, eh !?

So, talk about your ideas, exchanges and you take each only so little criticism and implements them positively. The project thus gets very good form and boosted even further.


Marketing and publicity thanks to the Crowd

Through contact with the many crowdfunding access is obtained to a “gigantic” multiplier. Because if I tell you something beautiful, what I like and fits you it, then tell you it also resists more … You guessed it. In the age of social media can take very beautiful shapes and widths of these multipliers. It has been so from the first day of publicity and builds this day of … What is more, that one writes PR articles in various phases, partners Blog Posts, Networked and much more. The more advanced the project even more publicity. True to the motto: Do good and talk about it … and it gets even better.


Have fun and enjoy the final result

By sharing with other people, the constructive criticism, which is reacted positively and for the benefit of the project, the “binding” the timeline below the project on a very professional way ahead and quickly taking shape. This inspires and great pleasure. Imagine: You’re working on your own idea. Will supported by many like-minded people in the form of creativity, recommendation, publicity and even financially. So you all doors are open to do what you like. Cool, right? And on top of it you will be with each project, creative and there are more great ideas, which it to be waiting from you tackled.


Lifelong learning – expertise building

My personal experience is that I very much learning on my own “Creative Projects” and thus my know-how can build massively that one for jobs and orders can then be used again. I would even argue that it comes through the skillful publicity of own Creative project on new orders. The crowdfunding project leaves enough space to learn new and thus can be better in the photograph or in his creative activity.


So! But are quite appealing seven reasons for crowdfunding, right? So not only a stopgap. And now I would say all the way to James Bond style.

I will return in… “What is crowdfunding and what forms of crowdfunding there?”