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Sexual flower

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I love the sculptures, they give me space.

color commitment

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If you like to see more #blackandwhite photography check out my new photobook #ANGELS:



If you like to see more #blackandwhite photography check out my new photobook #ANGELS:



RETNA (aka Marquis Lewis) is a grafitti artist who was born and raised in L.A. According to New Image Art, “His work merges photography with graffiti style and paint, time with color, couture with street culture, the spiritual with the sensual, and fluidity with grit. Whether his paintings hang in a gallery or wall on the streets of Los Angeles, they serve as a retina through which we view the urban journal of contemporary-art.” How’s that for inspiring?

#Sensual Woman

I love this picture. A great shoot of a sensual situation. A little bit experimenting with a mirror reflex and blurry pose.

If you like to see more #blackandwhite photography check out my new photobook #ANGELS:



Experimental Streetphotography @ Zuerich Switzerland

For Christmas and the festivities I stay at my old home. At this time, there is some fashion and shooting poor or working free time. … Unfortunately … no beaches, no sun… just the winter feeling at Switzerland.

Now I take some time to made the “classic hotspots” in the city to take pictures and something to experiment with my cam.
And NO, I do not mutate to a street, landscape or architectural photographer. It is “Just for fun”.

The most has been done at the various Photowalks with long-term exposure and consciously worked with movement and blurred spots.

Here is the first pic…more will follow…

Best wishes to all and happy Christmas time and Enjoy my experimental photography …

Wish all Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

by by Zuerich
xoxo Sandro

Old building, writing new stories… my photo studio #achillesstudios

Oh yes, I have a first life or as the saying: a first life section. And I want this part somehow just forgot. When I think back, I am thinking particularly of loss, unbearable pressure to succeed, suffering and much sadness. A life in a hamster wheel. Sounds like a hackneyed Hollywood Story. From the sheer monotony into the glamor … Well, quite so striking it is not. Everything is finally a perspective.

One day I said to myself.

Loss? What can I still lose because, except my dignity? And my answer was: NOTHING. And my dignity was a single pile shards at the time.

Suffering? I do not want to.

Pressure to succeed? Should I be an incentive and in future I fuck the success and not the success fucks me …

And what was with sadness? Hey, I thought. That’s not possible. Because I am in the morning with a smile on his face and I want to have fun in my life and what I can give. Even if it then only smiling is that I can pass on.

This is my second life or a new chapter in my life. Sure, the first life, the confused situations, and finally, the consequential decisions have led me to this second life and a new place. This place is on the other side of the planet and is used for a place of dreams and passion, for others it is simply just the “City of Angels”.

After a long search and get to know the new environment, I came across a building in the middle of the Old Fashion Districts. Imagine that the houses in this district look more like from an old movie, which was filmed in New York. Old buildings from the golden 20s, brick, high ceilings, ladders and simple loft feeling. Beauty, as it is just … timeless.

From the first moment I knew. Here you one back. Slightly run down, dusty and a simple urban atmosphere but if you making it. Very stylish! The place for my plan was therefore now been found. Where I belong and here I will build my first PhotoStudio. A first step in my second life.

In recent days, I set up my new-found Studio. Is it looking for furniture, thrift stores and shops Photo.

Each piece I carried into my studio. Alone. And I love every single piece. Not much and no expensive designer pieces … but all belong to this old building and part of my plan.

And now, if I be in my studio, working or just because i’m often looking at the walls, the parts of the building and wonder what it probably this is about. There is a window part, which seems a little older than the other, where a screw into the wall and as a brick, which looks a little shabbier than the others. I wonder what these parts probably tell a story. And my furniture. My newfound, old Winchester couch, the old fashion doll, which I found by chance in a second-hand shop. Where she was probably used to be? What she wore for clothes?

All of them have a past. A history and an old life. Now that everything has been re-thrown together is born the second period of life.

Now, a new story can be written.





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Gisele Bündchen Dancing


Gisele Bündchen is a talented lady, which she has proven through the various feats she’s performed in fashion commercials over the years. She’s sung her heart out to Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” for H&M, she’s given a dramatic performance in a Baz Luhrmann-directed Chanel spot, and she’s proven her true athletic prowess as an ambassador for Under Armour. Now, the supermodel is showing off her dancing skills in Stuart Weitzman’s first-ever commercial, which will debut during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Aug. 30.

The black-and-white clip is directed by Mario Testino, and Gisele — wearing booties by Weitzman and a “Flashdance”-esque leotard — busts a move alongside a troupe of buff male dancers. While the 30-second commercial is choreographed by Justin Timberlake’s longtime collaborator Marty Kudelka, the moves kind of resemble a funkier rendition of the Electric Slide.

But that’s no matter; they all look damn good doing it.This clip is just a snippet of a longer music video that the brand will debut on its website on Sunday, but you can watch Gisele getting into the groove right now in the video above.

Happy Week