Fashion Photography “Exposed”

As a photographer, so it forms known continuously, looking for new ideas, draws inspiration from other photographers, artists and fashion designers, etc. Therefore, I have done a few days ago the film of the fashion photographer Melissa Rodwell to mind. I must admit that it is through and through a good taste and a very exciting design concept has with her photographs, websites, blog and the film. It runs through the so-called Red Thread, which is very convenient for the user and especially optically excited.

Who is Melissa Rodwell?

She is a Fashion Photography. Melissa lives in New York City with their Pitbull Mia. She works for renowned fashion labels such as Ralph Lauren, Nike, Coca Cola, HONDA, NBC and Dell Computer. Your EDITORIAL’s seen in magazines like Harpers BAZAAR, KURV, JIMON, FLAUNT more.

More about Melissa and her career can be found here:

Fashion Photography Blog

In 2008 she launched the Fashion Photography Blog. In a short time she gathered with her blog a large following of subscribers and readers. Melissa shares her knowledge about fashion photography and gives its readers an insight into the coveted world of fashion photography.

EXPOSED – Fashion Photography

And now the film, which will be created in the highest quality and offered for sale. Ordered as a DVD or as a download. The film sends his regards Hollywood. Very good quality content and the whole presentation. In the film, she explains various light settings with which it works itself. From Rembrandt to elaborate settings. They discussed the pros and cons. She speaks about the industry and the nature of Photographers. Very exciting and profitably are interviews with a modeling agency and a magazine chief editor. For the site where the film is put on sale, she even won a prize. The design is excellent and the entire site consists of only one page. World class! Only the price of the film can swallow the photographer Junkie twice … well … it is worth it. Good know-how will be paid.