Fashion Photography.

Fashion photography is a branch of photography that is usually displayed at the clothes fashion for purposes of advertising and sale. In recent years, fashion photography is increasingly established as an art form that is exhibited in numerous museums and galleries as a separate branch of photography.

Celebrity Photography.

Celebrity portrait photography and studio portraits of celebrities in purist, artistic form. Actor headshots for television, motion pictures and more …

Editorial Photography.

Editorials are small stories from the world of fashion and fashion for me. A great story told in a few pictures. The editorials are for me but also provocation. Simply speak the language of the printed time. Looking with foresight in a possible future. timespirit … ..


In the center of the human being for me on camera, whether natural or staged portraits consuming. I am a photographer with a passion for the game of “light and shadow” and the people in front of the camera. The fashion and the “world of fashion” plays a crucial role for me. For me it is staged, timespirit and sometimes provocative.
Here I want to present my work, which are close to my heart. Whether originated spontaneously or as elaborate project. My impressions portray and treat always new exciting topics.
What is better for a photographer, as an opportunity to put his creativity into images?

Sandro Achilles

Sandro Achilles


"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


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