Online tutorial with Felix Rachor – Sensitive portraits

Today I have inveigled me an online seminar from Felix Rachor. Topic of live shootings was “Sensitive Portraits”. These types of images are in the fashion industry currently very hip and almost a must. So very trendy.

Felix has built several sets and presented to different variants for this effect. He started … With crumpled transparent folio front of the lens, etc … What I always thrilled that Felix scored with a 2-second exposure time, then backlit with simple means a big impact. Technically everything very simple but with even more creativity. Made really great.

As usual, shows Felix followed in a few steps, as he brings the images in Capture One and with Photoshop up to scratch. Lets look at.

For me, the online seminars are from the Fotomafia always a treat. These two hours of rain on my own creativity and ideas bubbling just so … Hopefully soon there more such online seminars.

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