Photoproject “La Provocation”

“La Provocation” is my first big, own photo project that I create is not for customers, but on their own. My personal goal is to be able to complete this project by the end-2013.

With this photo project, I would like the issue of provocation, such as the promising Tiel suggests, deal and deal. The provocation in pictures I would like to combine with my Main Business, Fashion, Glamour and Beauty Photography. This I will visualize in different small stories, such as bribery, corruption, etc … Each of these story refers to a temporal event and maladministration in our society. I make use of the Photography as my mouthpiece.

Something like: The seven deadly sins of our time …

One of my ambitious goals is to consult very special venues and selected models and people for each short story. The project will start for me is already in the planning and is an exciting challenge, according to the motto: The journey is the destination and the final product is the culmination.

At the end I would like to make a photo book and a calendar arise. Moreover, I hope hundreds of small making-of movies and Blog Posts publish and many people to be able to inspire it.

Another major challenge will be for me that I want to win for my “provocative book project” on other people. I’ll let advertise the project in the coming days and weeks. My experience, which I collect it, I will, of course, here with each wants to share.

So I’m excited to see where I will lead my little idea … and I appreciate all the support and every contact, which I can get to know in this way.