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What is Crowdfunding?

One ever anticipated: crowdfunding is not a new buzzword which haunts the Community and also not new in principle. Crowdfunding is used among filmmakers now been well and felt a hundred years. The idea is simple. An investor needs a large sum to a movie, to fund a Creative Project. Many people only need a small amount to large effect per investor. That sounds a bit like herding animals, eh ?!

What is different today than a hundred years ago? The Internet, social media, etc. You do not have to travel from A to B to talk to each other, but uses the specially built online portals such as  Kickstarter, Indiegogo or  Startnext today. Thanks to these websites are supporters and Creative Projects Owner come closer and can join forces.

Crowdfunding is in my opinion essential for photographers. The Online Crowd enables new, simpler, more public ways to inspire people with its projects. The principle is simple: It is considered a project, for example, a photo calendar, photo book, movie, music or anything else creative a deprived area. But then it depends on sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Startnext free one side and tried as many fans to win for the planned project. Fans who support the project financially obtained in return for an original gift, the final product, such as the photo calendar or book or movie Fashion. Be named as a supporter and many more .. However, it is also possible to become a fan without paying. In this case, the project side gets more reputation, what new, paying fans attracts.

The important thing is not to beg for money, but to pray for assistance. Support, a “like” in the social media be a recommendation of this project to a friend, an article in a Onlinemagezin, a partner blog post and much more … So far … so good … and how do you now to be able to start before a crowdfunding project?

This and more in the next post … then

Happy Week

7 reasons why crowdfunding for a photographer is important!

Who would have thought that I, too, once such a “Headline” write. 7 reasons for … Until now, I always thought that this is more the filler to blog posts and content. Well. I’m trying to prove themselves and grade me all readers that this need not be so always.

Well … With the following seven reasons I want to show that it is worthwhile for every creative professionals, artists, filmmakers, and especially for photographers, a more intensive discussion to deal with the topic “crowdfunding” and this theme even fix the own marketing plan is to plan and involve a.

Crowdfunding is not just a risk, a small project or even collect “alms”. No! Crowdfunding can bring the artist far to implement its desired projects. Say you let the now pass on the tongue:

The make, what your dreams. Implement own projects!

Sounds cool, right? If that would now be interested, or know more to now follows this “Post” series or read at least seven out my reasons for crowdfunding, eh !? Here we go….


Search / best friends forever

Who one is dealing with the issue of crowdfunding, has “almost” forced contact with other “Crowdfundern” and “creative” people. One exchanges experiences, discuss practices, exchanges ideas. While this takes time, but gives much back to know how and new enriching contacts. The crowdfunding community is very communicative.


Critical analysis of the own project

The lively exchange with experienced crowdfunding sets you up deliberately with his own ideas apart. One thinks through its own projects and gets direct feedback. It will thus be better and reach a whole new “draft”. Thus, you will be even better, and the project does not harm also. It may arise entirely new synergies, collaborations and partnerships. The project receives a positive form, thanks to the exchange with other people.


Strict planning – thanks to the project stakeholders and supporters

Through contact with other Crowdfundern one is somewhat forced to get his own project in regulated railways. That may sound for one or the other a little strange and comical. But is a great help, since most creative people are not just Superman when it comes to schedules, timelines and commitments. Thanks to that that many people and Mitinteressierte follow and support the project the whole thing gets even a regulated framework. One does not simply pushes Tasks months ahead of it … what one or another creative person yes but then just makes ..


Receive constructive criticism

The lively exchange with people from the crowd brings the great advantage that one is exposed’s constructive criticism. This should be used positively. Because there are some who were already collecting successful experiences with the topic. And why make the same mistake twice, eh !?

So, talk about your ideas, exchanges and you take each only so little criticism and implements them positively. The project thus gets very good form and boosted even further.


Marketing and publicity thanks to the Crowd

Through contact with the many crowdfunding access is obtained to a “gigantic” multiplier. Because if I tell you something beautiful, what I like and fits you it, then tell you it also resists more … You guessed it. In the age of social media can take very beautiful shapes and widths of these multipliers. It has been so from the first day of publicity and builds this day of … What is more, that one writes PR articles in various phases, partners Blog Posts, Networked and much more. The more advanced the project even more publicity. True to the motto: Do good and talk about it … and it gets even better.


Have fun and enjoy the final result

By sharing with other people, the constructive criticism, which is reacted positively and for the benefit of the project, the “binding” the timeline below the project on a very professional way ahead and quickly taking shape. This inspires and great pleasure. Imagine: You’re working on your own idea. Will supported by many like-minded people in the form of creativity, recommendation, publicity and even financially. So you all doors are open to do what you like. Cool, right? And on top of it you will be with each project, creative and there are more great ideas, which it to be waiting from you tackled.


Lifelong learning – expertise building

My personal experience is that I very much learning on my own “Creative Projects” and thus my know-how can build massively that one for jobs and orders can then be used again. I would even argue that it comes through the skillful publicity of own Creative project on new orders. The crowdfunding project leaves enough space to learn new and thus can be better in the photograph or in his creative activity.


So! But are quite appealing seven reasons for crowdfunding, right? So not only a stopgap. And now I would say all the way to James Bond style.

I will return in… “What is crowdfunding and what forms of crowdfunding there?”

what is photographic come ?!

Ich wünsche Euch allen ein frohes neues Jahr. Auf einen Rückblick habe ich dieses mal verzichtet. Vorbei ist vorbei und ich schaue mit frohem Herzen dem was kommt entgegen. Für 2015 gibt es natürlich schon viele Pläne, vor allem Fotografische Pläne. Die einen oder anderen davon sehen schon sehr konkret aus und sind auch schon in der Umsetzung.

Im 2015 will ich mich wieder mehr um meinen Blog kümmern und regelmässiger bloggen. Vor allem aber möchte ich gezielter für die Themen Fashion, – Editorial und Glamour Fotografie schreiben. Denn es hat sich in den vergangenen Monaten gezeigt, dass ich mich meinen Lieblingsthemen intensiver widmen werde und alles weitere zurückstellen werde. Fokussiert auf die Kernthemen. Auf meine Kernthemen.

Daraus entsteht auch eines meiner Ideen, welche auf meiner Todo Liste steht, nämlich ein kleines E-Book über Fashion- und Editorial Fotografie. Dieses ist schon zur Hälfte fertig. Cool, gell?! Na, “Fertig” ist jetzt ein bisschen ins Luftschloss gegriffen, aber es ist in Arbeit und schon recht fortgeschritten. Daraus entstehen unzählige Blog Themen, die ich in Zukunft regelmässig posten werde in Kombination mit “Freien,- als auch mit Auftrags Arbeiten”.

Des weiteren stehen zwei Crowdfunding Projekte an. Auf diese bin ich ganz besonders stolz. Zum einen meinen ersten Fashion Fotografie Kalender “1001 Nacht” und zum zweiten mein erstes eigenes Fotobuch “La provocation mode”. Hierfür habe ich einen starken Partner und einen Medienpartner gefunden und konnte zwei Internationale Models dafür begeistern an beiden Projekten Teil zu nehmen und diese zu unterstützen.
Weshalb ich meine Projekte als “Crowdfunding” Projekte lanciere wurde ich nun schon das eine oder andere Mal gefragt: Ich finde, dass Creative Projekte nur Bestand haben, wenn sie auch von Kreativen Menschen unterstützt, gefördert und vor allem gelebt werden. Von daher sollten bei jedem Creative Projekt schon von Beginn an auch die richtigen Leute dabei sein. Mit dem Crowdfunding möchte ich für Findungs- Prozesses schon die interessierten Menschen mit ein beziehen. Dies ermöglicht mir als Fotografen, das konstruktive Feedback schon von einem sehr frühen Zeitpunkt zu nutzen. Die Community und der Markt lügen nicht…

Natürlich hat das Crowdfunding einen netten Nebeneffekt, die Finanzierung, unter anderem. Aber viel wichtiger ist die Community, das Teilhaben und die Kommunikation untereinander. Zu diesem Thema darf ich in den kommenden Wochen sogar einige Partner Blog Beiträge liefern bei namhaften Marketing Blogs welche sich zu den Crowdfunding und Marketing Themen engagieren. Community Aufbau, Marketing für Crowdfunding Projekte, Projekte für Fotografen und vieles mehr… Darüber freue ich mich ganz besonders.

Alles in allem ist Crowdfunding für mich ein zentrales Instrument, meine Creative Projekte umzusetzen und vermarkten zu können. Ein einziger Lernprozess.

Des Weiteren wird das Thema “Video” immer wichtiger für mich. Nicht alleine durch die Crowdfunding Projekte. Newsletter wird es einige geben, wie zum einen einen regelmässigen Editorial- und Fashion Newsletter und zum zweiten über meine Creative Projekte. Anmeldung findet Ihr unter jedem Blogpost.

So, jetzt habe ich genug verraten und ich bin gerade kurz davor den Text wieder zu löschen, da ich Angst habe die Fresse zu weit aufzureissen. Aber getreu dem Motto “Alles kann, nichts Muss” habe ich richtig Bock auf das kommende Jahr. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Ihr mich weiterhin begleitet, denn ohne Euch wäre das alles nicht möglich.