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Gisele Bündchen Dancing


Gisele Bündchen is a talented lady, which she has proven through the various feats she’s performed in fashion commercials over the years. She’s sung her heart out to Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” for H&M, she’s given a dramatic performance in a Baz Luhrmann-directed Chanel spot, and she’s proven her true athletic prowess as an ambassador for Under Armour. Now, the supermodel is showing off her dancing skills in Stuart Weitzman’s first-ever commercial, which will debut during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Aug. 30.

The black-and-white clip is directed by Mario Testino, and Gisele — wearing booties by Weitzman and a “Flashdance”-esque leotard — busts a move alongside a troupe of buff male dancers. While the 30-second commercial is choreographed by Justin Timberlake’s longtime collaborator Marty Kudelka, the moves kind of resemble a funkier rendition of the Electric Slide.

But that’s no matter; they all look damn good doing it.This clip is just a snippet of a longer music video that the brand will debut on its website on Sunday, but you can watch Gisele getting into the groove right now in the video above.

Happy Week

The photographer makes the picture ….

A wonderful statement:

The photographer makes the picture. NOT the camera. Or have you ever seen a kitchen to cook a five course meal?

I found great. Thus all a nice evening.

Peter Lindbergh

Food for the “good” photographer

Ce qui a commencé comme «bon» et ce qui est jugé comme «mauvais» est connu pour être assez liquide dans la photographie. Cependant, je crois que ce livre classique de Peter Lindbergh comme aliment «bon» pour tous les photographes.

Le livre n’est pas seulement un “Qui est qui” du mannequin, mais son travail de la s / w photo est un régal pour les yeux. Un rond de classique image en noir et blanc , sensuelle, vivante et expressive. Le livre est donc une valeur d’au moins quelques minutes … et approprié comme une source d’inspiration excellent. Comme je l’écrivais dans le dernier “post”, ce livre est maintenant classé Photographie alimentaire dans le «bon». 🙂

Plus de Peter Lindbergh peut être trouvé ici: Peter Lindbergh

Was in der Fotografie als “Gut” und was als “Schlecht” beurteilt wird ist bekanntlich recht wässrig. Ich empfinde jedoch diesen Klassiker von Buch von Peter Lindbergh als “Gute” Nahrung für jeden Fotografen.

Das Buch ist nicht nur das “Who is Who” der Supermodels, vielmehr ist seine Arbeit der s/w Bilder eine Augenweide. Ein Könner des klassischen Schwarz-Weiss Bildes, sinnlich, lebendig und ausdrucksstark. Das Buch ist also mindestens ein paar Minuten wert… und als Inspirationsquelle hervorragend geeignet. Wie ich im letzten “Post” geschrieben habe, ist dieses Buch nun in die “Gute” Fotografienahrung einzustufen. 🙂

Mehr von Peter Lindbergh gibt es hier: Peter Lindbergh

What started as “good” and what is judged as “bad” is known to be quite watery in photography. However, I feel this classic book of Peter Lindbergh as “Good” food for every photographer.

The book is not only a “Who’s Who” of the supermodel, but his work of the s / w photo is a feast for the eyes. A rounder of classic black and white image , sensual, lively and expressive. The book is so worth at least a few minutes … and suitable as a source of inspiration excellent. As I wrote in the last “post”, this book is now classified Photography Food in the “Good”. 🙂

More from Peter Lindbergh can be found here: Peter Lindbergh

Good vs. bad Photographer

A few days ago I was able to perform with one of the truly great fashion photographers of our time a little conversation. Although the conversation lasted less than five minutes, but the message was all the more intense.

He said to me: In every single photographer slumbers a “Good” and “Evil” Photograph! What very clear to me after “good cop, bad cop” sound … or something schizophrenic … and I asked him with a smile on my face as it decides whether it belongs to the “good” or to the “bad photographers”? He answered me: you yourself!

Since I was a little confused and wanted to know this now in more detail. His answer then: You yourself decide whether you want to be a good photographer or not. This is due to which of the two parts in you You give food. You will learn the good photograph? Or just the bad …