What is Crowdfunding?

One ever anticipated: crowdfunding is not a new buzzword which haunts the Community and also not new in principle. Crowdfunding is used among filmmakers now been well and felt a hundred years. The idea is simple. An investor needs a large sum to a movie, to fund a Creative Project. Many people only need a small amount to large effect per investor. That sounds a bit like herding animals, eh ?!

What is different today than a hundred years ago? The Internet, social media, etc. You do not have to travel from A to B to talk to each other, but uses the specially built online portals such as  Kickstarter, Indiegogo or  Startnext today. Thanks to these websites are supporters and Creative Projects Owner come closer and can join forces.

Crowdfunding is in my opinion essential for photographers. The Online Crowd enables new, simpler, more public ways to inspire people with its projects. The principle is simple: It is considered a project, for example, a photo calendar, photo book, movie, music or anything else creative a deprived area. But then it depends on sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Startnext free one side and tried as many fans to win for the planned project. Fans who support the project financially obtained in return for an original gift, the final product, such as the photo calendar or book or movie Fashion. Be named as a supporter and many more .. However, it is also possible to become a fan without paying. In this case, the project side gets more reputation, what new, paying fans attracts.

The important thing is not to beg for money, but to pray for assistance. Support, a “like” in the social media be a recommendation of this project to a friend, an article in a Onlinemagezin, a partner blog post and much more … So far … so good … and how do you now to be able to start before a crowdfunding project?

This and more in the next post … then

Happy Week